Laser Ing acquired the most advanced Fiber Laser, the first such model in this part of Europe | Service Metal Cutting Center


Maximum cutting speeds, a wide processing range and a strong overall effect. These are the reasons why Laser Ing has decided to upgrade its machine park by purchasing fiber optic laser from the world’s leading manufacturer Bystronic.


Laser Ing is the leading Croatian company in laser metal cutting anfd the significant part of its business is directed towards export to large customers from Slovenia and Austria. The company is under national ownership, and its founder and director Anđelko Kaščel is focusing on quality, rapid production processes and optimized production. This is achieved, among other things, through the advanced technological solutions of the Swiss company Bystronic, which has been Laser Ing’s partner since the very beginning.

The new ByStar Fiber, of the largest power currently on the market, will play a key role in continuing our business expansion, as fiber technology increases production capacity, provides a better cutting quality compared to Co2 lasers, while reducing delivery times, ” said. Anđelko Kaščel while visiting the Bystronic factory in Switzerland.


Laser Ing acquired the most advanced Fiber Laser

Laser Ing employees during a visit to the Bystronic factory in the Swiss town of Niederönz


For a long time Croatia has been a “collection center” of obsolete technology and work processes; thus being uncompetitive with its work and machines. This is proof that we have taken our chance and acquired the highest quality technology in the world, invested over 5.6 million kunas, and are now back to back with some of the best in the world. This machine provides a great advantage to foreign customers who contact us more and more every day; in search for a professional metal cutting service; since quality, speed and professionalism are the first parameter in the selection of a strategic partner, “Mr. Kaščel concluded when putting in motion the machine in a new production center of Laser Ing.


Video: Fiber laser cutting, cutting without compromise


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