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There is a new FREE magazine available made just for the laser community. Fresh off the digital press is Laser Focused, a digital magazine made by Robin Roberts for makers, designers, and small businesses. The first issue dropped in August and was very well received.

Robin’s vision came from her own experience as a new laser owner. 

          “I have questions – lots of questions. I had them last year when I bought my laser and have even more today!”…”What if I created a publication that was a repository for all these questions and the best answers?”

The first issue of Laser Focused contained several educational articles as well as a cover story of Darryl Aspin from Spin Customs. The cover story goes into the history of Darryl and how he started his “laser adventure”. It’s a nice peek into this larger than life personality. The “Exposed” cover story will be a recurring theme in Laser Focused.

Here are the other columns so far:

  • Business – Making Choices That Make Sense…
  • Design – Preparing Your Files…
  • Maintenance – Things Your Laser Wishes You Knew…
  • Materials – To Fear or Not to Fear…
  • Materials – The Core of the Matter…
  • Suppliers – Holiday Prep – Taking Stock

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