Laser Etching Machine for Glass Bottles: UV VS CO2 Solutions


High Precision and Quality: Ideal for intricate designs, UV using 355nm wavelength, high accuracy. The UV laser machine offers exceptional marking quality on glass, ensuring crisp, clear outcomes every time.

Versatile Applications: The machine is perfect for all types of glass, (flat glass, frosted glass, insulated glass, embossed glass, etc. 19 types), from simple logos to complex patterns can be handled with ease.

Minimal Heat Impact: The UV laser operates with minimal heat, Superior beam quality (M²<1.2), pulse width <12ns@30k, reducing the risk of thermal stress or damage to the glass.

Various Rotary Axes Available: rotary axis is required for marking glasses, The ma,chine comes standard with an 80mm spindle, but HeatSign can be fitted with a 100mm, 125mm, etc. spindle to match the diameter of your glass bottles.

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