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Once in a while we get an opportunity to do something new and out of our wheelhouse.  This was one of those days.   Although we have had a CNC for a few years we rarely get a chance to play around and do something different.  Today we discovered that we had some success making some Pine Disk Signs.  This one happens to be 24″ in diameter and 1″ thick.  We disigned this on our LXI software and used our XCarve CNC to route out the wording to about 1/8″ deep.   After routing and lightly sanding we hand painted it with acrylic water based paint.    To be honest we were not very careful painting and that was ok because when we sanded the top it go rid of the paint outside the routed edge.  

The options and designs are limitless.   Moral of this blog post…..try something new from time to time.  You just might find a new niche.

If we decide to do more of these in the future we will likely put on some sort of clear cote sealer.

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