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MDF/MDF veneer

The most common choice for laser cutting projects. Its cheap, available in many thickness and rigid enough to create amazingly detailed architecture models, props, prototypes and many more. We use MDF ourselves to build the jigs for engraving or printing purposes.

On our 120W machine we can cut 15mm MDF which still will be cost effective. More than that CNC router might be a better option than laser.


Veneer ‘stickers’

We stock three types of veneer: oak, walnut and maple. Veneers are available in 750x300mm sheets. If your project require different finish than popular plywood we can laminate a double sided tape from the back of the veneer and stick onto MDF or ply and afterwards cut them at the same time. Also we can laminate other materials with the veneer sheet like mount board, greyboard etc. This give you even more option to finish your wooden project!








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