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Laser cutting machine is a new generation of laser cutting products. The product has a beautiful appearance, is economical and practical, and the main body is durable. The laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, fast processing speed, not limited by cutting graphics, automatic typesetting to save materials, smooth cutting section, good repetition accuracy, small cutting thermal shock, NC programming, low processing cost, and will gradually replace the traditional metal cutting machine. Processing equipment. Here is the air cutting process of the laser cutting machine, let’s take a look together.

The principle of laser cutting machine air cutting.

The cutting principle of air is similar to that of nitrogen. It relies on the energy of laser to melt metal and uses high pressure to blow away the melt. During this period, some metal substances will be oxidized or burned, forming metal oxides on the cutting surface. For example, white solid Al2O3, black solid Fe3O4, and CuO are generated. Air itself exists in the atmosphere and is compressed into a storage tank by an air compressor. It is then filtered, cooled, and dried to remove moisture and oil from the air before use. Due to the fact that the air contains about 21% oxygen, it can to some extent compensate for the shortage of oxygen and nitrogen. The function of an air compressor is to use a portion of the output air as the dust removal and clamping position of the exchange workbench of the machine tool, and store a portion of the air in the air storage tank, which is then output to the machine tool as cutting gas. Therefore, a complete set of air compressor equipment is an essential part of air cutting applications and plays an important role in the cutting process.

Application scenarios of laser cutting machines

Air cutting is mainly used for the processing of thin plates. Cutting the section without slag, with high accuracy and fast speed, can meet customer requirements. Many manufacturers of chassis, cabinets, and tool cabinets use air cutting. Shell manufacturers mainly use 0.5-3mm thin plates for processing. Manufacturers typically produce large quantities and meet customer requirements for high efficiency. Gas cutting is a good choice, as it can save costs and improve efficiency.

Use a 1500W laser cutting machine with a professional air compressor. The air compressor is a 16 kilogram air compressor. The air compressor must be free of oil and water. It is equipped with a cold dryer and filtering elements to achieve filtering effect. Maximize the output pressure. For carbon steel with a cutting thickness of less than 1.5mm, air cutting can achieve the effect of oxygen cutting, and it is faster than oxygen cutting. When cutting small circles at the corner, there will be no overheating or overheating phenomenon. The advantages of gas cutting are still very obvious. of

When cutting stainless steel, we usually use nitrogen gas cutting, but nitrogen gas cutting will increase customer costs. We also recommend air cutting, which is no less effective than nitrogen gas cutting in cutting stainless steel. When cutting galvanized sheets, due to the presence of a zinc layer on the surface, cutting with oxygen may cause overheating and poor cutting surface. Therefore, we also recommend air cutting when cutting galvanized sheets below 1.5mm. Due to the fast cutting speed, high pressure, and low oxygen content of air cutting, it will not cause poor cutting surface.

When using air cutting, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the air output from the air compressor must be free of water and oil. Before starting the machine every morning, check the coaxiality of the laser beam. Before cutting, release a portion of the air to prevent it from accumulating into water for a long time. At the same time, confirm whether the air pressure in the lower air can meet the cutting standard, check whether the protective mirror is clean, and check whether there are defects in the nozzle. During the cutting process, Occasionally check the mirror surface of the protective mirror to confirm the filtration performance of the air compressor.

The above is an introduction to the air cutting process of laser cutting machines, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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