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XT Laser-sheet metal laser cutting machine
For sheet metal processing, laser cutting technology is a very advanced cutting technology, which can greatly improve labor productivity. Nowadays, laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in our life, industry and other fields. The application of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing can effectively shorten the processing cycle, improve the processing accuracy, and save all kinds of replacement stamping dies when high-precision machining highly complex parts. These advantages have been valued by many manufacturing companies, and laser cutting machines have been actively used in sheet metal processing. The following Xintian Laser will analyze the relevant knowledge of laser cutting machine applied to sheet metal processing for you.

With the continuous updating of laser cutting technology, many practical laser cutting products were born.
The sheet metal laser cutting machine is an indispensable processing equipment in the current sheet metal industry. It emits the laser through the laser and focuses into a high density and high power beam through the optical path integration system. The beam is irradiated to the surface of the sheet metal, and the irradiated part reaches the melting point and melts instantaneously. At the same time, the coaxial high-pressure gas blows the melted and vaporized metal away from the sheet metal parts, To achieve metal cutting, the cutting machine controls the cutting head through the system, so that the cutting head can move relative position on the sheet metal surface according to the preset graphics of the system, and cut it through the laser speed, so as to get the desired cutting shape. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, the equipment has fast cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, and cutting graphics are not limited by the equipment. The system automatically sets and cuts graphics, effectively saving materials.
The cross section of the sheet metal parts cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth, and almost no secondary processing is required. Many advantages also make it become the mainstream equipment in the metal processing industry.
Advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine:

  1. High cutting efficiency
    This cutting machine is equipped with a numerical control workbench to realize automatic numerical control operation. The staff only need to preset the parameters and import the graphics to be cut. After the computer is set up, no manual operation is required. Perfect cutting can be achieved, and the efficiency is very high.
  2. Fast cutting speed
    The cutting performance is stable and the cutting speed is fast. It can realize various cutting methods such as flying cutting and lightning cutting.
  3. Good cutting quality
    The sheet metal cut by the equipment has little influence on the hot zone, smooth section and narrow cut. The roughness of the cutting section is as low as tens of microns, and all molding is done without secondary processing. The cutting accuracy is less than ± 0.05mm, which is very high.
    Because laser cutting is non-contact cutting, the parts of the equipment will not contact the metal plate directly, and will not cause tool wear. Cutting sheet metal with the speed of laser light, flexible operation. Just adjust the cutting parameters in the system, you can automatically cut out many complex patterns.
  4. It can cut metal plates of various materials. The equipment can effectively cut various metal plates of different materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, non-ferrous metal and other metals.
    The professional manufacturer of Xintian laser sheet metal laser cutting machine will introduce the main process parameters of laser cutting for you. Let’s have a look.
  5. Cutting speed
    Features of sheet metal laser cutting:
  6. Fine laser processing penetrates the material with small slits. The workpiece is cut according to the design procedure, with high dimensional accuracy, and can cut sharp corners and narrow slits.
  7. Smooth – the cut has no burr, good perpendicularity, no deformation of the seam edge, no heat affected zone, and can be directly welded to form a bright cutting edge.
  8. Fast – The focused laser beam has small spot, concentrated energy and high power density. It is like a sharp knife, with fast cutting speed.
    Sheet metal laser cutting processing object:
  9. Except for the high light reflectivity of gold, silver and copper, most materials can be cut by laser, which is most suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel.
  10. All kinds of machined sheet metal parts shall be processed in medium and small batches.
  11. It is an ideal choice to use laser cutting to process new product prototypes that are uneconomical or have too little mold opening time.
  12. The shape is complex and there are many kinds of workpieces.
  13. Materials and workpieces that cannot be processed or meet quality requirements by conventional cutting methods.
  14. Workload, quantity, tools and various metal and non-metallic materials, fonts, graphic decorations, but PVC and other toxic steam materials are not applicable.
    Metal sheet metal laser cutting processing features:.
  15. High material utilization: the minimum slit width can be as low as 0.1mm, generally within the range of 0.1~0.3. It can be used for precision machining, with high workpiece accuracy and convenient layout.
  16. Small heat affected zone: generally within the range of 0.1~0.15 mm, and the workpiece deformation is small. 3. Laser cutting shall be free of mechanical stress and surface damage.
  17. The cutting quality is very good.
  18. The cut can be made in any direction or from any point.
  19. Laser cutting is fast and efficient.
  20. No tool wear, fine machining does not require molds.
  21. High degree of automation: easy to use.
  22. Low noise and no pollution.
  23. Mature technology and programmed laser cutting.

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