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Used laser cutting machines are much cheaper than new ones, and in terms of price, they will attract many people. However, second-hand laser cutting machines may encounter problems such as machine malfunctions and unsatisfactory cutting effects during use.

There are many hidden issues with used laser cutting opportunities. In severe cases, the cost of subsequent maintenance may be higher than the cost of the laser cutting machine itself, and the production plan will be postponed. Laser cutting machines have a certain service life, and various internal parts also have a certain service life. When the parts are damaged, if the user replaces the parts, it will only cost a portion of the money, but if the user does not replace the parts, they must hire specialized maintenance personnel. Not only do you need to purchase materials, but you also need to pay for repairs and additional time.

Laser cutting machines usually have a certain warranty period after purchase. Professional engineers will provide training to users, teach usage methods and precautions, and answer questions during subsequent use.

Therefore, even if you have sufficient knowledge of laser cutting machines and plan to repair them, it is not recommended to purchase second-hand equipment, as too many laser cutting machine components will be overlooked during inspection.

If you are purchasing second-hand laser cutting equipment on a tight budget. See the following points:

1. The lifespan of fiber lasers is shortened, laser power is reduced, and cutting efficiency is reduced.

2. The functions of machine tools will be rapidly updated, while the functions of second-hand equipment will return.

3. After sales service is useless, in case of a malfunction, the original factory cannot be contacted.

4. Incomplete parts can affect the cutting progress.

1. The service life of fiber lasers is shortened, laser power is reduced, and cutting efficiency is reduced. As one of the core components of laser cutting machines, lasers are very expensive. The laser power of a laser cutting machine that has been used for a long time will gradually decrease. If this laser cutting machine has been in use for a long time, the laser power may become weaker and the laser power may decrease. It will decrease, and the slice thickness will also decrease. The cutting speed will also decrease accordingly. The cost of replacing the laser is very high. If you must make a purchase, you can check the device purchase contract to see if it has taken too long.

2. The bed function updates quickly, and the second-hand equipment functions are outdated, which is not conducive to precision processing. But this factor will not have a significant impact on users. If the equipment can cut normally, there will be no problem.

3. After sales service is useless, in case of a malfunction, the original factory cannot be contacted. Most of the laser cutting machines used have expired their warranty period. If there are problems during the warranty period, buyers usually cannot directly contact the original factory. The manufacturers of laser cutting machines are unaware that the equipment they sell has been transferred and cannot provide accurate after-sales service judgment and maintenance. If parts need to be replaced, the maintenance cost is very high, which is very detrimental to the buyer.

4. Incomplete parts can affect the cutting progress. When ordinary customers purchase new equipment, the seller will deliver a large number of vulnerable parts and accessories, such as nozzles of different specifications, ceramic rings, protective glasses, etc. However, if you purchase second-hand laser cutting machines directly, these accessories are usually not available, which greatly increases the cost for customers who use second-hand laser cutting machines.

In short, users need to have a detailed understanding of device information based on their own needs in order to make correct decisions. However, the purpose of purchasing equipment is to improve work efficiency and economic efficiency. Is it really worth it? If you buy it, it won’t work anymore. Although the price for purchasing second-hand laser cutting machines is relatively low, there is always investment risk involved.

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