I don’t know how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine – these suggestions are worth referring to!


XT Laser – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Before you make a final decision to purchase a fiber laser cutting machine worth hundreds or millions of dollars, you need to carefully consider it. But when faced with the persuasive words of account managers and the various images and advertisements on the internet, many people are confused. What price range is a reliable fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Choose the most suitable fiber laser cutting machine instead of buying the most expensive one.

In addition to the high brand premium, the most expensive may also be the best configured, but it may not necessarily be the most suitable factory for you. Each brand manufacturer produces many fiber laser cutting machines to adapt to different industries, customers, and needs. Just because someone else’s house is good doesn’t mean your house also needs the same machines. Then there is the function of having an empty head, which may not be very useful if price is added, and the fiber laser cutting machine industry is filled with many “fake foreign devils” who want to make money from you.

2. Don’t buy the cheapest fiber laser cutting machine.

‘Cheap is no good’ is an eternal business law. Don’t buy the cheapest, remember to “get what you pay for”. No matter how cheap the business is, it will still allow you to make money. How to earn. Either the product quality is poor, or there is a lack of after-sales service, which is’ you didn’t discuss it ‘. Not quality. Compare prices. Not services. One of the three is indispensable.

3. Don’t listen to one-sided words, but make a comprehensive judgment.

When purchasing fiber laser cutting machines, you can inquire with the customer manager about the differences and advantages and disadvantages of various models. Don’t listen to one side, choose rationally. Furthermore, try to “shop around”. Everything that suits oneself is good. Suggest purchasing a professional, focused, and dedicated brand for producing fiber laser cutting machines. There are many “lottery” companies in the fiber laser cutting machine industry, and they may not do it any day.

The cost of using a fiber laser cutting machine after installation must also be considered when selecting.

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, comprehensive consideration should be given to the purchase cost, usage cost, and maintenance cost of the fiber laser cutting machine, all of which are indispensable. This is not difficult to understand. Fiber laser cutting machine is a mechanical equipment product with strong after-sales service. Don’t believe the exaggerated propaganda on some e-commerce websites. High quality and fast service is the key to ensuring your long-term use. If there are problems, don’t wait too long for QQ or WeChat to reply. The first reaction is very important, immediate maintenance is very important, and it is also important for people to come to the site immediately to solve

Taking the price of XT Laser’s laser cutting machine as an example, the popular single laser cutting machine starts at over 200000 yuan, while the prices of mid to high-end interactive and coil laser cutting machines are mostly in the range of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Some manufacturers like to dig holes for you to jump in. The so-called customized models they sell have similar appearances but different models, with some fiber laser cutting machines priced lower than the cost price. Suggest comparing prices and services on the same machine.

In short, as a customer, when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, it is important to adhere to the principle that ‘what suits you is the best’.

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