How to Protect 3D Laser Cutting Machine Lasers in Winter


XT Laser 3D Laser Cutting Machine

The 3D laser cutting machine is composed of small and large components such as a robotic arm, cutting head, laser, chiller, etc. In daily production and use, manufacturers who use the equipment not only prepare some consumables (nozzles, lenses, etc.) for unexpected needs, but also pay attention to the laser. With the arrival of cold winter, precautions for using laser cutting machines in winter!

1、 Requirements for ambient temperature of lasers

The operating environment temperature of the laser is generally required to be between 5-45 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds this range, instability and damage to the laser may occur.

2、 Conditions that can easily cause laser (including water chillers) to freeze

1. The temperature is below 0 ° C, there is no heating facility, and the laser has stopped operating for a long time;

2. If the temperature is below 0 ° C and there are heating facilities, but the heating and power supply are stopped during holidays (such as the Spring Festival), the laser will stop running for a long time;

3. Place the chiller outdoors.

Note: The conditions that can easily cause icing include but are not limited to the above three types~

3、 Hazards caused by laser (including chiller) icing

Once the cooling water flowing through the core components inside the laser freezes, its volume will expand, which may cause serious damage to the pipeline and seriously affect the safety of the core components, causing significant losses.

4、 Preventive measures

1. Ensure that the ambient temperature is above 0 ° C;

2. If the ambient temperature cannot be guaranteed, keep the laser and chiller on all the time to prevent water from flowing and freezing;

3. If the equipment needs to be turned off during holidays, try to empty the water in the laser, chiller water tank, and pipeline as much as possible;

If none of the above conditions are met, the laser specified antifreeze can be added. After adding antifreeze, it can resist -20 degrees Celsius without freezing.

Because antifreeze has a certain degree of corrosiveness, please note that after winter, it should be replaced with normal cooling water and the original parameters should be changed back. Before changing the water, please rinse the entire water tank and pipeline thoroughly with antifreeze before changing the water normally. Replace the deionization cylinder while changing the water. Add water again, and be sure to exhaust the water pump before starting it, otherwise it may damage the water pump.

During the daily use of 3D laser cutting machines, if there are any abnormal situations, it is necessary to promptly diagnose and handle them, and contact the equipment manufacturer’s after-sales maintenance personnel to cooperate and handle them. Do not try to operate on your own! Core components such as lasers can freeze in summer and freeze in winter. If not used properly, it can easily affect the normal operation of equipment and affect production progress; Severe damage to the laser and chiller can cause unnecessary property damage to oneself.

Anyone who has used laser equipment knows that laser equipment uses the latest laser technology and has high requirements for the working environment. Therefore, when using laser equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment in which the laser equipment is located. The above precautions and preventive measures are hoped to be helpful to you!

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