How to Engrave Stainless Steel: A Comprehensive Guide


Setting up the Laser Engraver

Choose the appropriate laser, such as a fiber laser. Set the power, speed, and focus according to the type of laser and the desired marking results. For example,For deeper markings, reduce the speed and increase the output power. For shallower markings, reduce the output power.

Two examples below of how you can adjust your laser settings for specific results. There are many more techniques and settings to explore, depending on the marking requirements and the desired outcomes.

Dark Marking for stainless steel

If you want to use a 50W fibre laser to mark dark markings on stainless steel, then set Hatch to 1, Power to 85%, Angle to 0, Speed to 250(mm/s), Freq to 30, Line Space to 0.01, Lens Type to 110.

Blue on Stainless steel – MOPA

If the Mopa Fibre Laser Marker is used to mark stainless steel in blue, then set Hatch to 1, Power to 85%, Angle to 0, Speed to 45 (mm/s), Freq to 300, Pulse to 6ns, Line Space to 0.002.

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