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First. Enterprise’s own processing needs

First of all, we need to select the corresponding equipment in a targeted manner according to the company’s own processing materials and business needs. Combined with the metal material, thickness, and format you want to process, refer to the machine performance and basic parameters of major brands of laser cutting machines to select the most suitable laser cutting machine. Only the most suitable machine can provide enterprises with a full range of the most cost-effective laser cutting solutions. Different brands of laser cutting machines on the market have different advantages and focuses, and we should choose according to our own needs. Generally speaking, the thicker the material to be cut, the greater the power of the laser cutting machine required and the higher the price.

Second, choose a big brand or a small brand

Many enterprises will hesitate between big brands and small brands when purchasing equipment. In fact, big and small brands have their own advantages: high-end brand equipment is more guaranteed in quality, and the manufacturer will provide good after-sales service. Take XT LASER, which has the greatest influence in the laser industry, as an example. Bond laser cutting machines have reached the top level in cutting accuracy, cutting speed and stability, and the after-sales service is perfect. Han’s Laser and Trumpf Laser are also good brands. And some small brands with no reputation are inferior to big brands in terms of cutting quality and speed, and their after-sales service is not as perfect as big brands. But small brands win at low prices. We must be rational when purchasing, and choose the most cost-effective equipment in combination with the requirements of production efficiency and processing accuracy. One thing to note is that the products cut out by some low-priced machines need secondary processing due to serious slag hanging, and the cost is very high. Therefore, it is not that the lower the price of the machine, the higher the cost performance, we still have to combine the budget and try to choose a big brand.

Thired. Pay attention to the quality of the core components of the laser cutting machine

The core component of the laser cutting machine, we need to pay great attention when purchasing. The core components of the laser cutting machine include: laser generator, laser head, servo motor, etc. Among them, the most advanced technology of laser generator and servo motor is abroad. When purchasing equipment, you should ask whether these two components are domestic or imported, and try to choose imported products.

An easily overlooked but very important component is the bed of the machine. In order to save costs, some laser cutting machine manufacturers use welded bed, which will affect the load-bearing, stability and cutting accuracy of the machine. When selecting, we should try our best to choose a one-time molded cast iron bed.

Fourth, pay attention to the ease of use of the machine

Some laser cutting machines on the market are very complicated to operate, requiring enterprises to invest a long time and cost in training specialized personnel to operate. In order to reduce learning time and reduce labor costs, be sure to choose simple and easy-to-use machines. Generally speaking, laser cutting machine manufacturers of big brands will provide targeted operation training for free, so please pay attention to ask clearly when purchasing.

Five, use and after-sales

No matter how good the quality of a laser cutting machine is, we will inevitably encounter various problems in the actual use process. At this time, whether the manufacturer can respond and solve it in time is also a problem that we need to focus on. This is why the editor recommends that you try to choose big brands such as XT. Generally speaking, big brands can provide better after-sales protection and solve any problems encountered during use in a timely manner.

In short, we must start from the processing needs of the enterprise itself and select the best matching and cost-effective laser equipment within the budget. 

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