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In recent years, laser cutting machines have gained an increasing market share in the sheet metal processing industry. Therefore, there are more and more brands of laser cutting machines, and the competition is also becoming increasingly fierce. The performance and quality of laser cutting machine manufacturers vary from large to small, resulting in many users not knowing how to choose laser cutting machines, which can be confusing and difficult to get started. So how to choose the best and most reliable brand of laser cutting machine. As a professional manufacturer of medium and low power laser cutting machines, Xintian Laser is here to teach you how to choose a reliable laser cutting machine brand.

Firstly, you must consider your business scope, the thickness of cutting materials, which materials need to be cut, and then determine the brand power and workbench size of the laser cutting machine you want to purchase. Some people buy laser cutting machines to cut stainless steel, some buy to cut wood, and some buy to cut fabric. There are different types of laser cutting machines to meet different needs. Faced with the different needs of different customers, there are various corresponding laser cutting machines available for selection in the market. Therefore, by clarifying the business needs of the enterprise itself, the selection range of laser cutting machines will have a clear direction.

2. Select the power of the device.

According to your own needs, if you often cut metal sheets with a size of 8mm, you can choose a laser cutting machine with a size of 500W-1000W to meet your production needs. If you cut materials with dimensions greater than 8mm, you need to consider a machine with higher power. Enterprise customers must combine materials, material thickness, material shape, size, etc. Cutting materials and selecting a relatively matched brand and equipment strength are of great help to the cost control of enterprises.

Thirdly, keep your eyes open and pay attention to important accessories.

Some important accessories of laser cutting machines need to be noted when purchasing. Especially lasers, cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, etc. It is necessary to distinguish whether it is domestically produced or imported. These parts directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting machines, and many irregular manufacturers will use fake parts to deceive customers.

Fourthly, choose suppliers with high cost-effectiveness.

The first three steps are very clear, at least at the cognitive level, we have been able to grasp the needs and priorities, and then contact suppliers in a targeted manner. The quickest way is to go to the market to understand or go to peers who have purchased laser cutting machines to see the machine’s performance and basic parameters. Now that the internet is so developed, you can also search for well-known brands of laser cutting machines online first. In the early stage, select several manufacturers with strong and favorable prices for communication and sampling, and then conduct on-site inspections in the later stage to discuss in more detail the price of the machine, machine training, payment methods, and after-sales service.

Fifth, cooperate again during on-site inspections.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to conduct further on-site inspections of the selected suppliers in order to have an objective and detailed understanding of the brand manufacturer’s company size, professional level, technical strength, after-sales service, etc. You can also communicate with your own issues on-site, and even personally experience the operation process of the device, and observe product samples in real life, in order to make more accurate and suitable cooperation decisions for you.

Sixth, clarify after-sales service.

No matter what brand of laser cutting machine it is, no matter how good the machine is, objectively speaking, users will encounter various problems during use. When encountering problems that customers cannot solve, it is particularly important for manufacturers to provide timely solutions, which is also an important factor to consider when purchasing laser cutting machines.

In summary, when purchasing laser cutting machines, it is necessary to comprehensively consider cost-effectiveness, equipment quality, equipment stability, and after-sales service level, and try to choose well-known laser cutting machine brands as much as possible, so that all aspects are more guaranteed.

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