How to choose a manufacturer when purchasing laser cutting machines? Please refer to these five aspects


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With the development of the laser cutting machine industry today, the market is becoming increasingly mature, especially with the development of the Internet, and product prices are very transparent, but there are still many small workshops in the market using price wars as a means of competition. Users often fall into its trap due to low prices and suffer significant losses. Therefore, selecting a reliable manufacturer of laser cutting equipment is very important. So, which manufacturer’s laser cutting machine is good. Today, the editor will tell you about the five standards for selecting manufacturers.

When selecting a manufacturer, qualifications are very important.

Users must have their own standards for the selection of manufacturers. The license review of manufacturers is particularly important. For example: a business license, you can look at the scope of business on the license to see if it is related to the equipment sold. If the project you are working on has nothing to do with it, you can directly veto it. If the certificate is incomplete and the enterprise cannot obtain the certificate, there is no need to consider it.

When selecting a manufacturer, the manufacturer’s specifications are very important.

After confirming the license and business qualification of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, attention should also be paid to the manufacturer’s scale and product range. Don’t just focus on price. For example, large-scale manufacturers: Know if they have their own research and development departments, equipment production bases, marketing teams, after-sales teams, and service points covering the country. With strong financial strength, they will increase their investment in product research and development, and have a complete range of products, many types of equipment, and many choices for users. If you have a chance to try, try it out first, confirm the effect, and then buy.

In addition, powerful laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers have strong risk resistance capabilities and relatively long-term development plans. They will not focus on immediate interests, and there will be no “low price trap” or “one shot sale” routine of some small workshop enterprises.

When selecting a manufacturer, equipment performance and quality are key.

When selecting laser cutting machine equipment, it is also necessary to consider equipment performance, stability, failure rate, etc. When selecting a manufacturer, it must be clear that the cost of machine development and manufacturing determines the price of the equipment. It is easy to understand that the equipment development cost is high, the manufacturing process is fine, and the process performance is good. Energy saving and consumption reduction can effectively ensure that the preparation of ultra-pure water and pure water can meet the needs of users, while reducing the cost of consumables. The price of equipment is naturally lower than simple ones. High equipment. When selecting equipment, users should not blindly consider price as an important indicator. For basic capital investment, they should rationally select laser cutting machine equipment suitable for their own needs.

4. When selecting a manufacturer, the service system must be improved and after-sales service must keep pace.

After sales service is also a major concern for users. Does the laser cutting machine manufacturer provide follow-up services? Whether it’s product skill training, consumable replacement, or later maintenance, it’s important for users to receive timely guidance from after-sales engineers. A powerful laser cutting machine manufacturer with many years of equipment manufacturing experience, with a professional, complete, and thoughtful pre sales, mid sales, and after-sales service system, making every user feel at ease. It is recommended that users choose manufacturers with many service outlets nationwide, especially those with local service outlets. If there is a problem with the equipment, the manufacturer will be able to provide timely service, technical training, and replacement of consumables, making it more convenient and efficient.

“To choose a manufacturer, both word of mouth and word of mouth are very important.”.

“If people do not have trust, they will not be able to stand.” If the manufacturer’s reputation is not good and there is no credibility, the interests of users will not be guaranteed. In the Internet era, users can query the reputation and reputation of manufacturers online. At the same time, you can also learn about some of the units with which you work. Look at the market share of the manufacturer’s products. Everyone cooperates with this manufacturer, and a reputable manufacturer will be more confident when selecting products.

Laser cutting machines are undoubtedly the “standard equipment” for metal processing today. As the basic equipment for metal processing, more and more industrial manufacturers cannot do without it. There are many types of laser cutting machines on the market, and different people have different purchasing standards. Businesses also like to promote and boast. When selecting a manufacturer of laser cutting machines, users should refer to the above five standards, not be affected by low prices, but be encouraged by sales, and make rational choices. At the same time, it is recommended that users establish long-term cooperative relationships with a laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer after selecting one. This can not only save procurement costs and improve production efficiency, but also reduce prices, enabling them to obtain high-quality and low-cost equipment.

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