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Because most customers have relatively little understanding of laser cutting machines, they are often at a loss when making a choice. In addition, the sales personnel each say they are good, and after comparing several companies, they still do not know how to choose. When choosing a laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to the following items, which can help you choose the most cost-effective one.

1、 Find a legitimate manufacturer

No matter what type of laser cutting machine we choose, we must choose a laser cutting machine produced by a reputable manufacturer, and a reputable laser cutting machine must pass the inspection of an authoritative product quality supervision and inspection agency. Although a laser cutting machine with a quality inspection report may not necessarily be what you need, the laser cutting machine you need must have corresponding quality system certification, such as, The entire series of equipment of XT Laser has passed ISO quality system certification and EU CE certification.

2、 Host Configuration

The configuration of laser cutting machines is actually similar to that of computers. Laser cutting machine manufacturers can make reasonable configurations according to the actual needs of different users. The XT laser cutting machine uses a low-power, high-performance fiber laser with a high-strength processor, which runs more smoothly.

3、 After sales guarantee

The previous aspects have been selected, but ultimately it depends on the manufacturer’s after-sales service and technical team. It is inevitable that a machine will encounter problems in the future. When a malfunction occurs, a good manufacturer can provide you with a good solution.

4、 How to calculate cost-effectiveness

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the first thing you think of is the configuration price ratio, which means that under the same brand, level, and price, the more configurations, the higher the cost-effectiveness. But what we buy is not as good as what we sell. Each company has carefully estimated the cost of laser cutting machines, which is definitely not more or less than the competitors. The difference is that the configurations are different.

5、 Avoiding Minefields

In addition to purchasing a laser cutting machine for cost-effectiveness, the second important thing is to use a laser cutting machine for cost-effectiveness. Many so-called imported brands have many problems. But these laser cutting machines have high usage costs, such as high maintenance costs, high repair frequency, high repair costs, and long repair times.

6、 Avoiding discount traps

In addition to the cost of purchasing and using a laser cutting machine, it is also important to consider the preservation rate of second-hand laser cutting machines. Generally speaking, the larger the discount range for newly purchased laser cutting machines, the lower the preservation rate of second-hand laser cutting machines. The lower the sales volume, the lower the preservation rate of laser cutting machines, and also the lower the preservation rate of laser cutting machines with poorer quality and higher maintenance rates. The biggest impact of a low value retention laser cutting machine is the residual value of your second-hand laser cutting machine. In the future, when you replace or upgrade equipment, you will feel that you have suffered a heavy loss.

All of the above factors can be considered when purchasing a laser cutting machine.

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