How to choose 10,000W+ laser machine


When purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, you need to consider whether the power of the equipment can meet your cutting needs. One of the core parameters of the power equipment of the laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal materials, mainly stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, brass, etc. The higher the power of the equipment, the thicker the cutting thickness and the faster the cutting speed.

Under auxiliary oxygen conditions, when cutting 30mm and 40mm carbon steel, the 20KW laser cutting machine has obvious advantages, and the cutting efficiency is about 1.5 times and 2 times higher than that of the 12KW laser cutting machine.

Under the condition of auxiliary air, when cutting 10mm carbon steel, the laser cutting efficiency of 20KW is double that of 12KW; 12KW cannot cut 20mm carbon steel. According to the market test, in addition to saving time and labor costs for cutting 20mm carbon steel, the cost of gas cutting is about 1USD/hour less than that of oxygen cutting.

When cutting stainless steel, whether it is auxiliary air or nitrogen, the overall advantage of the 20KW laser cutting machine is very obvious. The cutting efficiency is greatly improved compared with 12KW, and most of the cutting efficiency of 10mm-40mm stainless steel is more than doubled.

The 20KW cutting machine is superior to the 12KW cutting machine in terms of cutting thickness and speed in terms of different materials. The majority of users and friends can choose the cutting machine that suits them according to the thickness and material of the plate to be processed. The two cutting machines are currently in All are mainstream metal processing products in the market.

XT LASER high power fiber laser cutting machine

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