How much is the profit of fiber laser cutting machine? How long can it return the cost


Optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metal plates

What is the profit of fiber laser cutting machines? How long does it take to recover the cost of laser cutting machines. What are the benefits of investing in laser cutting machines for external business. I believe many customers will mutter in their hearts before purchasing laser cutting machines. The cost of metal laser cutting machines is generally divided into the cost of electricity, gas, and labor for the laser equipment itself. The cost of a laser cutting machine per day can also be described as a profit per day, as well as how long the laser cutting machine can recover the cost. Let’s take a look.

What is the profit of fiber laser cutting machines? You first calculate how much money each workpiece earns, and then calculate the total number of workpieces produced, so that you can calculate the daily income.

Algorithm: Investment return=daily minus income – daily loss expenditure. The expenditure is electricity. If it is 15, the total expenditure is 45. You can amortize labor costs, rental costs, and equipment depreciation here. Directly multiply by 3, 1 day cutting income=income per workpiece * daily workpiece output Daily workpiece output: The daily output can be calculated based on the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine.

For example, the number of workpieces cut per hour=the time required to process workpieces per hour * 0.6. The actual situation: the time required to process workpieces: 3.4+0.4=3.8 seconds, and the time required to process workpieces per hour: 3600 seconds/3.8=947 pieces. Actual production: 947 pieces * 0.6=about 600 pieces. Revenue per workpiece=thickness * 0.8 * cutting perimeter+thickness * 0.1 * perforation times (cost per perforation).

For example: (140+352.5+52.5) X2+2X20 * π+4 * 12 * π+5 * 13 * π) * 20=1.57m, 11 holes+shell perforations=12.

How long does it take to recover the cost of laser cutting machines.

When the construction period expires, the reasonable investment recovery period is 2-3 years. If it is more than 5 years old, it is not recommended to purchase laser equipment. The laser is suitable for cutting thicknesses of 20. If it is too thick, it is recommended that you use plasma and flame cutting. You should note that the important thing is turnover, not profit margin. For example, if it is 10 thick plates, the cutting fee is 8 yuan/meter, and the piercing fee is 0.8 cents/hole, which will reach 50000 yuan per year. 40000/8=5000 meters/processing fee.

If the customer’s processing fee reaches 30000 yuan, it is not suitable because 3X60%=18000 costs, and it takes 10 years to recover the cost. It takes three years to pay back the cost. If the customer’s processing fee reaches 50000 yuan, it is appropriate because 5X60%=30000 yuan of cost, which takes 2 years to recover.

If you do not purchase equipment, it will be calculated based on the processing fee of the previous year.

Algorithm: Annual return on investment=purchase cost/processing fee.

What if the customer only knows the material cost and does not know the processing cost? Outsourcing processing * 50%=processing fee (outsourcing processing=material+processing fee). Blanking is to make your metal into the shape you want, which we call blanking equipment. Assuming that after cost recovery, if external processing is required, the average profit margin of laser processing is 50% – 60%. Processing fee: If you give me processing and I give you 50000 yuan, you should earn me at least 25000 to 30000 yuan. Now that I have purchased this equipment and processed it myself, I can save about 30000 yuan. A month is about 30000, and a year and 12 months is 300000. Procurement cost: If the thickness of the plate is between 4 and 6 millimeters, 1000 watts is sufficient. “If the price of the equipment is basically within the range of 300000 to 400000, the time for us to recover the cost is probably a little over a year.” This calculation method is based on your original cutting cost.

How much does a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine cost?

The daily cost of a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can also be said to be a daily profit. In fact, it can be roughly divided into the power consumption of the laser equipment itself, the gas consumption of cutting different metal materials, and of course, the invisible personnel consumption. Based on the power consumption of a 1000W laser machine, each machine costs about 5 yuan per hour. In terms of auxiliary gas consumption, using 1mm metal material as a reference, oxygen is about 20 yuan/hour, liquid nitrogen is about 31 yuan/hour, and an air compressor is 9 yuan/hour. In terms of labor costs, only one ordinary worker is required, one person can operate a machine, and a machine can continue to process for 8 hours per day.

The electricity and natural gas prices mentioned above vary according to different regions. The thickness of the cut plate varies slightly depending on the air consumption of different plates.

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