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XT Laser – Hardware Laser Cutting Machine

Metal hardware products industry has developed rapidly in modern industrial society. Hardware has played an immeasurable role in the development of the national economy. Hardware products have also become an indispensable and important component of the industrial manufacturing industry. The application of fiber laser cutting machines has further accelerated the development speed of the hardware product industry. What is the price of a hardware laser cutting machine.

Traditional hardware processing technology

Hardware is widely used in modern society, such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware, and security supplies. Traditional hardware processing equipment uses a punching machine that combines polishing, shearing, and bending processes to form the final shape. This type of processing has relatively low efficiency. Making molds takes a long time and costs a lot. The high emphasis on energy conservation and ecological environment protection has had a certain impact on the hardware processing industry. Laser cutting machines are produced under the urgent demand of such manufacturers. It is a modern processing equipment with good economic benefits. Not only has the processing time been reduced, but there has also been a significant improvement in quality.

What is the price of a metal laser cutting machine?

The price of hardware laser cutting machines depends on the specific machine power, model, working surface, laser configuration, etc. There are so many laser cutting machines in China, and each company’s technical services are different, so the price positioning is also different. For example, the prices of Parkson laser cutting phones range from several hundred thousand to several million. Of course, there are also some one-time transactions, and the price may be lower. I’m afraid we won’t be able to find the after-sales service. Generally speaking, sales managers will propose technical solutions based on the buyer’s needs, type of processed product, thickness, etc. Customers are satisfied with a suitable laser cutting machine.

What are the advantages of metal laser cutting machines?

Good cutting quality and low labor cost: Laser cutting machines utilize the characteristics of non-contact laser processing, without damaging the workpiece, and the cut products have almost no deformation problems. The processed products have good quality, no burrs, and no need for manual regrinding, eliminating unnecessary processing steps and optimizing workers. Labor intensity.

Saving mold investment and reducing production costs: Laser cutting machines can directly produce various metal workpieces without the need for molds, without mold consumption, repair or replacement of molds, which can save a lot of mold usage, save processing costs, and reduce production costs. They are particularly suitable for processing large products.

High precision and effective productivity improvement: Laser cutting technology, as an alternative process for “shearing and punching”, has the characteristics of precision, flexibility, and efficiency, and can effectively process various complex parts. It only needs to create cutting graphics and import them into the control system to set the cutting to a fixed size, which will directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle and effectively improve labor productivity.

Fast cutting speed, optimized working environment.

The laser cutting machine cuts quickly, the equipment is stable during operation, has low noise, is dust-free, and does not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and environment. Invest, reduce pollution, help hardware companies optimize their work environment, and comply with the trend of ecological environment protection.

Low maintenance costs and high cost-effectiveness in the later stage.

The maintenance cost of mechanical products is very expensive, but the laser cutting machine has stable performance, durability, continuous operation, and is not easily damaged, which has a great advantage in later maintenance costs.

For hardware processing enterprises, choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer is a very important step. The equipment produced by good manufacturers can not only help enterprises produce better products, but also help enterprises control production costs and increase profits.

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