How much is the installation fee for laser cutting machines? Is it expensive?


XT Laser – Laser Cutting Machine

Some people may choose laser cutting machines for processing metal sheets; Some people may choose laser cutting machines for processing metal pipes, while others may choose laser cutting machines for processing metal curved materials. It can be said that 10000 customers have 10000 reasons to choose laser cutting machines. However, regardless of why they choose laser cutting machines, there is always a question that cannot be avoided: is the installation of laser cutting machine packages? How is it charged? Is it expensive?

Installation fees have always been the biggest pain point in the hearts of those who buy laser cutting machines. If it is a reasonable fee, I believe users can accept it. Many people are most worried about it, just like the 315 evening exposure, the installation master will use some tricks to make you pay an additional high installation fee.

In fact, the installation cost of laser cutting machines is directly related to the brand. Some brands require users to pay a certain installation fee, while others offer free basic installation. However, this generally requires the installation environment to match the official installation environment. If the installation conditions cannot be met, the master needs to modify the installation environment, and you may need to pay an additional labor and material cost.

In response to users’ concerns about the installation services of the laser cutting machine mentioned above, Han’s Super Energy has launched a “0 yuan after-sales” after-sales service policy, which means that all services from purchase, installation, debugging, training, etc. are free of charge.

[Free installation fee] Basic free installation is completely free

【 No consultation fee 】 During the installation of the laser cutting machine, there is no consultation fee charged

[Free of auxiliary material fees] All additional material fees required during the first installation of the laser cutting machine will be waived

[Free of training fee] During the first installation process of the laser cutting machine, if training is required, all related skills and fees will be waived

These free service policies can be said to address users’ concerns about installation services from the source, which is also why thousands of customers have given high praise after choosing XT Laser – Laser Cutting Machine. Here, it is important to remind everyone that in the case of additional payment fees, it is recommended not to rush to pay the installation master. Instead, call the official customer to confirm whether the master’s fees are reasonable. If they are reasonable, pay according to your own needs.

In fact, in addition to providing installation services, XT Laser embodies a higher level of expertise than Volkswagen brands, and in terms of after-sales service, XT Laser has also caught the attention of the industry. It is understood that XT Laser provides users with nationwide joint insurance, which truly ensures the peace of mind when buying and the ease of use when using.

Nowadays, in the laser equipment industry, user consumption is becoming increasingly rational, and service is bound to become a new highlight. XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is free of installation and provides nationwide joint guarantee services to meet user needs. It not only impress users with its products, but also wins users with its services.

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