How Many Sessions Do I Need for Laser Hair Reduction?


Apart from the initial high cost, another reason why people are hesitant to try laser hair reduction is that it takes too long to treat. Is this true? How many treatments do you need for optimal results? How long will it take to achieve permanent hair reduction
How Many Laser Hair Reduction Sessions Do You Need

Continue reading as our aesthetic clinic in Singapore dives a little deeper on how laser hair reduction works in removing hair and what factors affect the success and frequency of treatments. 

Understanding laser hair reduction

Laser hair reduction uses a light source to target and destroy the follicles with heat. Using a handheld device that directs concentrated light into the follicle, it targets the pigment in the hair without disrupting the skin’s surface. Multiple treatments inhibit the hair’s ability to grow back, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

The hair’s growth cycle matters

For laser and other light- and energy-based hair reduction methods to work, the hair needs to be in the anagen or active growth phase. As the hairs in this stage are rich in keratin and melanin, they are more receptive to laser light. Below are the four phases in a hair’s life cycle. 

Several factors affect the outcome

One important thing to keep in mind is that every patient is different and the results per session will vary. Several independent factors may also affect the outcome including:

  • The area being treated
  • Skin and hair color
  • The type of laser/device used
  • Hair growth state
  • Genetics/hormone levels
  • Aftercare commitment

Some areas respond better to others

According to studies, the axillary or the underarm hairs respond the fastest because they are dark and the area has fair skin with the least sun exposure. The bikini area is also very suitable, mainly because of the dark and coarse hairs down there. Just do take note that due to the hair growth cycle, you will need multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. 

Legs, particularly the lower areas, are also one of the most effective areas for laser hair reduction. The process, expectedly, might take a bit longer due to the larger surface area. The results, however, are worth it, as they can free you from daily shaving or the constant need to wax. 

In areas with generally lighter hair like the face, more treatments are required. Many hairs on the face, furthermore, are in the resting phase and the growth rate in this area is faster than most parts of the body. Laser and other light-based methods, however, can effectively work on the face and about anywhere on the body. You can use it on the arms, chest, nipples, and back. 

How many treatments are needed

The number of sessions required will still depend on the treated area. In many cases, it can take between six and 12 sessions, spaced every four to six weeks. Multiple treatments help target hairs in the anagen phase. Your practitioner or aesthetic doctor will let you know when it is safe to have your next treatment. 

It is worth noting that the frequency of the treatment can vary based on the:

  • Body/specific treatment area – Facial hair, for instance, tends to be thinner and finer than body hair. Because of this, it will likely require more treatments compared to the legs or underarms.
  • Hair color and skin tone – Laser and other light-based methods work best on dark, coarse hair. Light and fine hair may need more treatments, but it is good to know that there are devices that can safely and effectively target lighter hair. Our aesthetic clinic in Singapore also uses devices that can treat patients with darker skin tones.
  • Individual response – Everyone responds to laser hair reduction differently. Factors such as genetics and hormonal fluctuations can influence the rate of regrowth. This is why some people may need fewer or more maintenance sessions. 

Following the initial treatments, you’ll need maintenance sessions at longer intervals to tackle any regrowth and achieve permanent hair reduction. Our team at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics will create a tailored treatment based on the area being treated, as well as your hair and skin type.

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If you’re looking for a more permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair, consider laser hair reduction. We at Cutis also have other permanent hair reduction methods, including IPL (intense pulsed light), SHR (Super Hair Reduction), and LHE (light and heat energy). Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor.

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