Here comes the Christmas rush…


LaserSister factory elf #1

Having a craft business means that the “Christmas rush” starts early. Normally I begin sending boxes of my lasercut gifts off to Amazon in September, but this year my existing lasercutters both broke, so I had to order a new one – but it couldn’t be delivered until mid-October. Since then I’ve been frantically trying to catch up with my cutting schedule, making alphabet baubles:

laser cut christmas alphabet bauble LaserSister Kay Vincent

This is what I look like for most of the day at the moment:

LaserSister with new laser

However there’s so much to do that it’s not just my Laser Lair that gets full of baubles. The rest of the house becomes part of my little factory…and the rest of my family become my little Christmas factory elves. Here is one of them putting ribbons in the baubles:

LaserSister factory elf #1
LaserSister factory elf #1

…and here are two more making up boxes and putting the labels on them:

LaserSister Christmas factory elves #2&3
LaserSister Christmas factory elves #2&3

Hopefully we’ll get all of them sent off to Amazon in time for the Christmas rush!

Click here to see if I managed to get them to the warehouse on time, or if they are sold out. (The link shoud go to my Amazon Handmade page, so you can get a live view of the baubles.)

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