Handheld fiber laser welding machine


XTLASER as the first laser equipment manufacturers in China, have 18 years’ experience and over 30,000 clients in near 200 different countries.
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Now more and more customers choose handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal welding. 
Handheld fiber laser welding machine: Welding cabinet + Qilin V20 hand gun + Auto wire feeding device

Auto wire feeding device: 
When welding, you can choose weld with wire and without wire, can choose at system. 
Using wire welding advantages:
1. welding effect more strong;
2. big gap welding more fine. 

Welding capacity
The machine have 1000W, 1500W and 2000W power for diffferent metal thickness welding. 

Machine size
Machine package dimensions 140*80*133cm & 70*35*63cm; Gross weight: about 310kgs to 350kgs.
Normal customers choose ship the machine by sea to save shipping cost, shipping cost is about 300$, shipping time about 30 days. 
If you want receive machine urgent, also can choose air shipping, shipping time about 5 days. 
Normal welding machine can be finished at 7-10 working days.  

Machine Voltage: 
1000W, 1500W: 1-phase 220V±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz; 
2000W: 3-phase 380V±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz. 
Normal can well meet local voltage, if local 3-phase voltage is not stable also can add 15KVA Stabilizer, price 450$. 

Hope above info let you know more about this machine. 
You can choose machine power, or tell us the Aluminum thickness you need weld, then suitable power provide for you. 
Also can contact me on WhatsApp&Phone: +86 17854271909.

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