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Hand engraving is an old art form that has survived through the ages despite modern technology.

hand engraving The art of hand engraving entails creating complex designs using a small metal graver that is pushed into metal using the palm of the hand. There is no machinery used in the whole process. If you have decided to learn some hand engraving skills, you will usually have three options.

Buy a Book

If you wish to spend the least amount of money but you have a lot of time, you can simply buy a book. You can then buy basic tools such as hand push burins, hammers, and chisels. After that, you can then join online forums and find mentors that will help you improve your skills. There are hundreds of professional engravers online. You can check out their work to improve your skills.

Visit Public and Private Workshops

If you wish to reduce the amount of time it takes you to hone your skills you can visit private and public workshops on engraving. They will cost you a small amount but they are created to get you up to speed with basic skills of becoming an engraving expert. These workshops ensure that you do not pick up any bad habits, which might be hard to drop later. If you do find a good instructor, listen intently to them. Within a short time, you should be able to pick the right techniques.

Become an Apprentice

If you are sure that you want to become an engraver, you can find an expert who will help you improve your engraving skills. In most cases, you will have to compensate him or her in the form of labour and time. It can be a good way for either party to get what they need. Usually, it will take months for you to become good at engraving. As a result, you need to learn the art of patience.

The Best Time to Get Started is now

If you are in your 40s, the best time to get started is now. You need to invest money to acquire the skills you need in the least amount of time. At this point, money should not be a major obstacle. By attending short and intensive private workshops, you could hone your skills and become really good at your art. The cost of these workshops is usually not too prohibitive. Besides that, they allow you to focus on specific areas where you feel you need to improve your skills.

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