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In recent years, with the acceleration of global economic integration, in order to further enhance the brand influence and core competitiveness of the company’s products overseas, many laser companies have intensified their layout in the global market and established subsidiaries and offices overseas, setting sail and achieving impressive results.

XT Laser is one of the pioneers and leaders among these Chinese laser companies that have the courage to layout the global market. In 2023, the global service line event with the theme of “0 Concerns” will undergo a major upgrade. XT Laser will layout the global market, create a year-round uninterrupted, global “localized service system” without blind spots, provide door-to-door services to global customers, and fulfill the business philosophy of “customer-centric”.

Leveraging Overseas Markets with Gold Medal Services

Responsibility is more important than Mount Tai, serving the world of measurement. A proud national brand should not only have excellent product quality, but also excellent customer service. Because of this, XT Laser has never stopped moving forward.

It is reported that after the financial crisis in 2008, XT Laser established an overseas business unit in 2011 to seek new growth points and target the international market. It obtained import and export qualifications and officially entered the international market. At the same time, it opened 10 overseas offices overseas.

Afterwards, through cooperation with e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba International Station, XT Laser achieved remarkable results in its overseas business, with a significant increase in export orders. Export products also expanded from small laser marking machines to ultra-high power large format laser cutting machines, 3D robots, automated flexible production lines and other laser equipment.

With the launch of XT optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine and other products, the performance of XT Laser has doubled for three consecutive years since 2019, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. With its keen sense of smell, complete marketization, and flexible operating mechanism, XT Laser has bravely taken the lead in the increasingly fierce competition, developed and strengthened in reform and innovation, and established a stable market position.

XT Laser Building Localized Service System

Fulfill the promise, and the New Sky Service Team embarks on a journey

The person in charge of XT Laser stated that since its inception, XT Laser has continuously practiced responsibility and responsibility, and has taken the lead in proposing the supreme service concept of “30 minute quick response, arrive at the customer site within 3 hours”. We have rushed to the front line of service, interpreting “XT Quality, Dedicated Service” with action and sweat.

XT after-sales service network

Deeply implement service commitments and create first-class service quality. Every year, XT dispatches a technical elite team composed of engineers and service personnel, dedicated to solving customer problems, dispelling customer doubts, and truly benefiting customers in service. In order to further better serve the increasingly mature global market, since 2017, XT Laser has launched a targeted global service line activity titled “0 Worry Free Service Starting from XT”.

Years of hard work, fighting on the front line. Globally, XT Laser has gradually established a comprehensive marketing service network, tailored to different regions and local conditions, to meet customers’ different needs with comprehensive solutions and assist in industrial upgrading. By practicing the spirit of service through practical actions, even if separated by thousands of miles, customers can still feel the sincerity of XT Laser wholeheartedly serving them. In 2023, the after-sales service system of XT Laser will be further upgraded, with over 100 professional customer service personnel stationed in overseas service outlets all year round, providing localized worry free services to global customers.

It is reported that this upgrade will be implemented from February, and XT engineers are not afraid of difficulties. With a paranoid attitude and professional and meticulous service spirit, they provide comprehensive inspection and maintenance services for thousands of customers worldwide for free.

According to XT, the services provided by engineers to customers include: installation, repair and maintenance of new machines, troubleshooting of machine hazards, etc. While answering customers’ daily usage questions, they also provide operational knowledge in maintenance and repair.

At present, XT’s service team is traveling around the world, bringing technical support and service care to customers, conveying XT care to every customer’s heart, and using laser technology to help the company grow.

How good is XT’s service? Overseas customers frequently like!

Group photo with Belgian client

On April 24th, the after-sales engineers of XT Laser arrived at a customer factory in Belgium to install a new machine (open laser cutting machine XTC-F1530H) for the customer, while also conducting maintenance and repair on the old machine.

As an old customer, I highly recognize XT’s products. The machines are durable, user-friendly, and intelligent, greatly improving the production efficiency of the factory. If we cooperate again, we believe it can bring us more surprises! “This Belgian old customer said, constantly praising XT’s products and services.

Group photo with US client

On April 27th, engineers from XT arrived at a customer factory in the United States for a three-day machine inspection and maintenance work.

This American customer said: We have been working together for three years and the machines are very user-friendly. There have been no problems so far, truly achieving “0” fault production. At the same time, thank you for your service team. During last year’s epidemic, they traveled thousands of miles to provide us with technical training. We hope to cooperate again!

Group photo with Kenyan client

On March 20th, the after-sales service team visited an old customer in Kenya, who had previously purchased multiple laser cutting machines for the cutting and processing of environmentally friendly utensils.

XTLASER’s products are great and your technical engineers are great The products of XT Laser are great, and your technical engineer is also great. This is the voice of a customer from Kenya.

Group photo with Korean client

Group photo with Dutch client

Group photo with German client

Group photo with Slovak client

Group photo with Polish client

Group photo with Czech client

Group photo with Malaysian client

Looking Forward to the Future: New Sky Laser Resonance with the World at the Same Frequency

Under the long-term global market layout of XT Laser, and with the support of globalization opportunities and international and domestic dual circulation strategies, the laser industry is racing towards intelligent manufacturing with the same frequency as the world. XT products continue to enrich the markets of metal processing, new energy vehicles, 3C electronics, sheet metal manufacturing, fitness equipment, and other industries, sparking a wave of laser intelligent manufacturing worldwide.

Beyond innovation, use services to support the future. If the essence of a brand is a product, then service will determine how high its upper limit is. XT Laser will add 5 overseas offices and 5 intelligent exhibition halls. It is expected that by 2025, the number of overseas offices and intelligent exhibition halls will reach 40. At present, the New Sky Laser South Korea Intelligent Exhibition Hall, Malaysia Intelligent Exhibition Hall, and Russia Intelligent Exhibition Hall have launched renovation plans and will officially be put into operation in August this year.

Based on meeting the one-stop service requirements of the entire intelligent manufacturing chain, we aim to develop towards a higher level, wider scope, and greater depth. The “Zero Concern” global service line of XT has enabled every user to integrate more closely with XT, and has made the responsibility and responsibility of the XT brand more deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.

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