Fiber Laser Projects: Enhance Your Industry Marking


Automotive Industry:

· VIN Marking: Fiber lasers engrave Vehicle Identification Numbers on automotive parts, ensuring they are traceable and compliant with global regulations. This is vital for tracking, registration, and recovery of vehicles.

· Customization of Auto Parts: Beyond functionality, fiber lasers offer the flexibility to customize auto parts with intricate designs and logos, enhancing aesthetic appeal and brand identity.


Aerospace Industry:

· Part Identification: Aerospace components must be marked with unique identifiers for traceability and safety. Fiber lasers provide precise and permanent markings, crucial for maintaining stringent industry standards.

· Safety Information Engraving: Engraving critical safety information directly on parts helps ensure that vital data remains legible throughout the component’s lifespan, even under extreme conditions.


Electronics Industry:

· PCB Marking: Fiber lasers mark serial numbers, QR codes, and other identification details on printed circuit boards (PCBs) with high precision, aiding in tracking and quality control.

· Micro-Machining Components: The precision of fiber lasers allows for the micro-machining of electronic components, crucial for the miniaturization and functional customization in modern electronics.

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