Does the laser cutting machine emit radiation? Is laser cutting machines harmful to human health?


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What are the hazards of laser cutting to operators? Does the laser cutting machine emit radiation? Is laser cutting machine harmful to human health? You only need to know some common sense about laser cutting machines.

As is well known, there are significant risks in the operation of the machining industry. The mechanical noise, dust, and dust generated during the processing, as well as improper operation, can cause slight or severe personal injury to operators. In order to avoid posing a personal threat to operators, the following suggestions are proposed to remind them to carry out standardized operations.

In the processing of laser cutting machines, the characteristics of the emitted laser can highly concentrate energy in space and time. It forms an image by focusing on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye.

The energy density on the retina is 104-105 higher than the incident energy density on the cornea. The monochromaticity of the laser is good, and the fundus color difference is small. When irradiated with extremely low laser energy, the above characteristics cause damage to the cornea or retina.

To reduce the radiation of laser cutting machines, it is necessary to use laser protective glasses, which are specifically designed for fiber laser cutting machine equipment and can effectively reduce the radiation of fiber laser cutting machines.

Therefore, workers do not need to worry when using, they can confidently cut the workpiece, and there are many types of laser protective glasses, including composite, absorption, reflection, and diffraction.

If you want to reduce the radiation of the laser cutting machine, staff can take self-protection measures, such as eating more radiation resistant food, which can effectively resist the radiation of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Generally speaking, operators who have just come into contact with laser cutting machines like to stare at the cutting head. If they look at the sparks generated by cutting for a long time, it can harm their eyes and cause a tingling sensation. In general, some laser cutting machine manufacturers will provide corresponding eye protection glasses. The laser cutting machine has a high degree of intelligence and can achieve unmanned operation, so there is no need for the operator to stare at the cutting head. The plasma cutting machine requires a matching dust removal device due to its high dust content, dense smoke, and strong light during cutting. Laser cutting machines generate less dust when cutting objects, with less strong light and low noise, making them relatively environmentally friendly.

The hazards of smoke and dust are also easily overlooked by operators. The high temperature generated by the laser interacts with the processed material to complete various processes, while generating a large amount of vapor mist. When processing non-metallic materials, the smoke generated contains a large amount of chemical components, which can cause harm to the human body when discharged into the air. For the processing of clothing accessories, button paint removal, wire paint removal, and paper processing, it is even more severe and smoke exhaust systems must be installed. At the same time, ensure ventilation in the working environment. We also hope that relevant practitioners can pay timely attention to their own health.

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