Creative Laser Engraving on Leather Ideas & Techniques


1. Preparing the Leather Surface

Cleaning and Conditioning Leather: Ensure the leather is free of dirt and oils by using a leather cleaner. Condition the leather to maintain its suppleness and prevent cracking.

2. Designing for Leather Engraving

Adjust the engraving size: preview it first, observe whether the engraving position and size are suitable, keep adjusting until you get the right size and position.

3. Engraving Process

Adjusting Laser Settings for Optimal Results: Fine-tune the laser’s power, speed, and frequency settings to match the type of leather and the desired depth of engraving. Start with lower power settings and gradually increase as needed.

4. Testing on Scrap Pieces

Before you engrave the final piece, test your settings and design on a scrap piece of leather. This will help ensure that everything looks good.

Data Example: Adjust the laser power to 20-30% and speed to 300-500 mm/s for initial tests on vegetable-tanned leather.

5. Post-Engraving Care

Cleaning and Preserving the Engraved Leather: Gently clean the engraved area with a soft brush to remove any residue. Condition the leather again to keep it soft and prevent damage.

Watch Our Video: For a step-by-step guide and visual examples, watch our instructional video on successful leather engraving techniques.

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