Creating a Hermetic Seal with Laser Welding


Advantages of Hermetic Seal Laser Welding


Creating hermetic seals with laser welding has been gaining recognition in recent years. Industries which rely on laser welding include electronics industries, space and technology manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and other businesses where contaminants can be disastrous to their products. Because of the high degree of precision available with laser welding, this process is ideal for use in applications which demand pinpoint accuracy.

Creating hermetic seals with laser welding is in high demand because of the versatility of the lasers. Lasers are able to work with a wide array of materials, including dissimilar materials. The heat generated with a laser is lower than most other welding methods, and the joints are more durable than other sealants such as epoxy, or gasket seals. Another advantage is the ability to use lasers on non-linear materials, including spherical objects and those with unusual or textured designs. In fast-paced facilities, lasers make it possible to weld components instantly, yet allow almost immediate handling, which means less downtime and increased production.

Hermetic Seals for Contaminant Control

Hermetic seals are a necessary component in industries where contamination can occur. This includes such wide-ranging areas as the aerospace industry and medical device manufacturing. Whether you are protecting against dust and debris, organisms, or unwanted gaseous contaminants, laser welding provides a dependable method of keeping unwanted elements out and eliminating leaks and bleed-through.

Hermetic Seal Laser Welding for Electronics

Laser welding is superior to TIG and MIG welding in applications where the seal is critical, because a laser is able to weld at precise locations with predefined material bonding requirements. Lasers produce less radiant heat during the sealing process, which is crucial for work involving microelectronics and calibrated equipment.

Similarly, laser welders can be used to crack, or open devices that have been hermetically sealed. This is advantageous for industries which require opening components for adjust or repair, including microwave circuits such as those used in radar equipment. Laser welders can crack the seal quickly, allowing access to the inner components, and then resealed hermetically in less time than more traditional welders, and without the danger of overheating and disruption of sensitive internal operations.

Hermetic Seal Laser Welding for Precision

Laser Welding a Hermetic Seal

Lasers have the ability to spot weld in locations as small as two thousandths of an inch, and laser welders can be mounted on CNC workstations to provide hermetic seals on unusually shaped, three-dimensional objects. CNC workstations allow manufacturers get more done in less time, while using fewer materials with reduced human interaction. More traditional methods of creating dependable seals are not able to match the speed or efficiency that are hallmarks of laser welding.

Hermetic seal laser welding is a perfect solution for automated industries and environments which must protect against static discharge and the introduction of foreign objects. They can be used in controlled gas environment such as argon or nitrogen containments, and work equally well on both dissimilar material bonding and containers designed to be flexible. Contact LaserStar Technologies to learn more about hermetic seal laser welding and other laser welding technologies.

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