Countdown! I took a photo of you on the invitation letter for the XT Laser Linyi Exhibition~


2023 China Laser Industry Expo

Coming soon

@All new and old friends

November 3rd to 5th

Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

XT Laser will carry a megawatt ultra large format

And multiple smart star products

Invite you to the Laser Festival together

Booth A13 of Hall 1, we will not see each other nor part~

Cohesive innovation and shining future

Show exciting products to be seen first~

A masterpiece of great refinement

XT Super Large Format Ten Thousand Watt Laser Cutting Machine

Customizable large format, thick plate lightning perforation

Meet customers’ diverse needs for large sheet metal

Adopting super heavy welded bed, with high stability

High temperature annealing stress relief technology for stronger toughness

Laying the foundation of “being as stable as a rock” for high-speed cutting

A New Realm of Pipe Cutting

XT Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Precision pneumatic chuck clamping, one click positioning, saving time and materials

Automatic support device, strong adaptability to different pipe diameters

Special cutting head for pipes, lightweight, flexible, and easy to control

Can be paired with automated black technology for more efficient processing

High speed cutting of pipes, efficient interpretation of industrial cutting standards

Unlimited potential for high-quality production

New Tiandan Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Intelligent CNC system with flexible control and convenient deployment

High pressure formed aluminum crossbeam, high rigidity, more stable and durable

Hollow tube welded bed for more guaranteed cutting accuracy

Automatic focusing and stable operation, intelligent alarm and fast response

Rich application scenarios, multi industry empowerment and value-added full grid

Strong “welding” multi energy second speed forming

XT handheld laser welding machine

Lightweight handheld laser head, lightweight and flexible

High quality laser for stronger processing

One precise molding without the need for polishing and polishing

Integrated design, flexible placement

Exquisite welds and superior quality

Experience with precision grinding craftsmanship

Don’t forget your original intention, be grateful for your company

November 3-5, 2023

Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

Hall 1-A13

Langya Gujun, let’s meet in Linyi!

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