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In order to meet production needs, more and more companies are beginning to choose laser cutting machines for processing. At present, the competition in the laser cutting machine market is fierce. As a buyer, how to choose a machine that better suits your needs from the dazzling brand promotion. Today we will combine price, after-sales service, cost performance, etc., and comprehensively consider.
1. Power
Power is an important factor affecting the price of laser cutting machines. Manufacturers of the same brand, the higher the equipment power, the higher the price. Therefore, before making an inquiry, you must know the material and thickness you want to cut, as well as your needs for cutting speed and production capacity.

2. Configuration
The laser cutting machine is mainly composed of six core parts: laser cutting head, laser cutter, motor, machine tool, numerical control system, laser lens, etc. The configuration of these core parts determines the price of the laser cutting machine, especially the quality of the laser cutting machine and performance, to a large extent determines the basic price of the laser cutting machine.

3. Software system
The software system is provided by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and a better software system also means a higher price, but its advantages are self-evident, not only better compatible with the hardware aspect, perfectly matched, but also functional maximize.

4. Brand
Choose to buy a laser cutting machine, different brands, the price will be very different. Larger brands of laser cutting machines are generally more expensive than smaller brands. Because big brand manufacturers often have good after-sales service, the quality of equipment is also guaranteed. During the use of the machine, there will be more or less small problems due to improper use or other external factors. Therefore, good after-sales service is essential

XT Laser reminds users: Through the above points, we can have a certain reference standard when purchasing a laser cutting machine,and will not be blindly tempted by low prices.

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