CO2 Laser Marking a Sunglasses Case


Industry: Aftermarket

Material: Leather

Mark Data Type: Logo + text

Laser Mark Type: Surface etch/engrave to a depth of 0.01″

Time: 7 seconds

sunglasses case CO2 engraving


The Jimani Low Cost Hybrid 30 watt CO2 laser marker is ideal for identifying a product or creating a permanent traceability mark on many materials, including wood and other organic materials.

Jimani built this unit for tough manufacturing environments and facilities. This low-cost hybrid CO2 laser is very low-cost to operate and maintain since there are no consumables, and the laser has a long service life.

The Low-Cost Hybrid CO2 laser marker is designed to be compatible with the standard Jimani workstations. Custom integration into your production environment and into a custom enclosure is also available.

You can click here to request more information or ask a question about your product marking needs.

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