Celtic Clockwork Kinda of Love-Peek-a-Boo Project


I have written how differently my husband and I are in past blogs: 

 “My partner and I are vastly different as the ocean from the desert. A love that can endure the differences and embrace the substances that matter last a lifetime. We are a mighty team, better together than apart, fuller because of our emptiness and sweeter because of shed tears. I love seeing what dreams will still come true, we have some huge ones left to dream.”

We continue to grow in love and respect for each other as we endure the daily grind with its joys and sorrows. They are the inspiration for this artwork.

  1. Gather Supplies.
  2. Paint GSLC Steampunk Hearts in Metallic Acrylic Paints-Gold, Copper, Bronze.
  3. Paint GSLC Celtic Hearts in Acrylic Paints-Reds, Pinks, and Neon Orange.
  4. Cut  Two 5 by 5 inch Squares from Scrapbook Paper Using a Cutter.
  5. Cut One 5.25 by 5.25 Square from Scrapbook Paper Using a Cutter.

  6. Glue Scrapbook Paper to Chipboard Squares Using a UHU GlueStick.
  7. Use Permanent Ink Pad in Brown and an Ink Blotter to Darken the Edges of the Squares.
  8. Use a UHU GlueStick to Layer the Painted GSLC Hearts onto the Prepared Squares.
  9. These can be Framed and Would Make Very Attractive Wall Display.

Final Thoughts:

I love the concept of of yin and yang, dark and light, good and evil, a time for everything under the sun. My husband and I seek balance in our life, knowing fully it is ebbing and flowing, to and fro from one day to the next one may be sad the other happy, one’s pain can be soothed by the other. Life is about give and take, the ups and the downs, burdens and days of joy, the soft and the hard, the rough and the smooth, the content and the restless. We are in constant flux but we can choose the perspective we will embrace.

To know someone fully is to dive into the depths of the deepest oceans. When we first fall in love we do not dive in too deep, it’s a drop in a cup of water or the shallow waters of a springtime shower. It’s only as we stay together and weather the storms that we discover the magnitude of our lifetime companions.

I love this song by Natalie Merchant, 

The Feast of Saint Valentine

In the deep and darkest night of your soul

When you curse and rue the day

That you did dare to give your heart away

Take courage in the thought you belong

Good comrade, you’re not alone

We’re here to give you shelter from the storm

In the blindness and confusion of the fight

When the blood is soaking through

We’ll come to you, we’ll come to bind the wound

We’ll come to you

March on, march on you soldiers of the heart

You ragged, weary crowd

You retreat in your defeat but you move on

Such a vast uncharted wilderness to see

Strange lands, strange beasts

But I’ll go where you lead

Where you lead

I’ll go where you lead

I’ll go where you lead

And on the feast day of Saint Valentine

In the bleak mid-winter cold

Come lay your blood red roses in the snow

Come lay them in the snow

Don’t stop your search now

Go, by the grace of God

Keep your courage, keep your faith

And take this paper heart to keep you safe

Keep you safe, keep your hope and faith

Love will lead you safely on

Love will leave you wounded

Love will bring you harm

Love will be the curse and be the charm

Love will be the bruising and be the balm

Love will set you free 

And love, love love, will be your bonds

Love will win

Love will conquer all

Supplies:  GSLC Celtic Hearts, GSLC Steampunk Hearts, Metalic Acrylic Paints-Gold, Copper, Bronze, Acrylic Paints-Reds, Pinks, and Neon Orange,Chipboard, Cutter, Scrapbook Paper, UHU GlueStick, Permanent Ink Pad Brown, Ink Blotter

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!

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