Buy metal laser cutting machine and learn to look three times


XT Laser-metal laser cutting machine

With the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in the field of metal processing. Major manufacturers have launched metal laser cutting machines to seize the large market of metal cutting.

While each processing station has more choices, it is also faced with more doubts: how to choose a metal laser cutting machine that meets the needs, and at the same time to achieve cost-effective and guaranteed after-sales service. After all, the cost of medium and high power metal laser cutting machines is tens of millions, and the price is expensive. If you do your homework in advance and choose carefully, you will feel relieved when you buy it.

Look at your needs:

Metal laser cutting machine is a tool in the final analysis. Select the most suitable one for you and use it more smoothly.

The existing metal laser cutting machines on the market have a large power span, ranging from 1000W to 10000W. The metal laser cutting machines with different powers not only have a large price gap, but also have a wide range of cutting thickness. The 10000W metal laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel plates with a maximum thickness of 40mm, while the 1000W metal laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel plates with a maximum thickness of 5mm.

At the same time, the form of metal laser cutting machine is also a consideration. 3m * 1.5m, 4m * 2m, 6m * 22m are more common. Major manufacturers can also customize the processing format as required. The larger the format, the higher the corresponding equipment price. Therefore, when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine, you need to select the appropriate model according to your own needs: processing metal materials, thickness, format, etc., comprehensive consideration.

See the actual effect:

Due to the different actual conditions of the processed parts, the actual cutting thickness, speed and effect of the metal laser cutting machine are often different from those advertised by the manufacturer. Therefore, before purchasing the metal laser cutting machine, it is impossible to contact the manufacturer to make samples in advance to compare the actual processing effect. Missing links. At present, most metal laser cutting machine manufacturers can provide free proofing services.

Look at the reputation of the manufacturer.

In recent years, the application range of metal laser cutting machines in China has been expanding, and many people have taken a good look at the business opportunities. Without technical accumulation and application experience, they produced metal laser cutting machines in an attempt to get a share of it. Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine market is mixed, and it is difficult for ordinary customers to distinguish the true from the false.

For large processing equipment such as metal laser cutting machine, the manufacturer’s production qualification and experience directly affect the quality of the equipment and the quality of after-sales service. It is undoubtedly the top priority for manufacturers to select a metal laser cutting machine with rich application experience, good industry reputation and excellent technical level for production.

There are many standards to evaluate the quality of a metal laser cutting machine, and the factors to be considered in the process of purchasing a metal laser cutting machine are also very complex. I hope everyone can brighten their eyes and rationally choose the most suitable metal laser cutting machine.

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