Breaking out of the cocoon and changing into a butterfly, opening up a new sky


In the post-epidemic era, enterprises are accustomed to seeking survival and development in adversity. Coupled with the strong recovery and steady growth of my country’s economy, laser enterprises have also maintained a relatively rapid development momentum. In such a big background, under the influence of various powerful factors such as technological upgrading and industrial optimization, many laser companies still maintain continuous product updates, speed up market layout, and make full preparations for the coming warm spring.

As a national brand that has been deeply involved in the laser field for 18 years, XT LASER has a strong subjective will in 2022, when black swan incidents occur frequently, and actively expands its roads. , achieved a gratifying growth against the trend with a positive attitude. We have every reason to believe that XT LASER can achieve breakthroughs in the midst of major changes and maintain a long-lasting foundation.

Daxing strategic infrastructure

There is vitality in the cold winter. Laser enterprises are based on my country’s strong industrial chassis, and the manufacturing chain is complete and strong. Various policies have played a very important role in promoting the development of the industry. Although the three-year epidemic has had a profound impact on my country’s economy, with the same starting line, getting rid of the low value-added labor advantage and relying on technological innovation and technological progress to complete enterprise upgrading is the key element for enterprises to continue to lead.

Since 2021, with the magic weapon of “high-end customization” + “worry-free service”, XT LASER has occupied a place in the fierce competition market of 10,000-watt laser equipment. XT LASER takes the lead in carrying out a full set of non-standard customization services, and develops multi-series and multi-model laser processing equipment according to the needs of customers, which meets the personalized needs of customers for exclusive customization of high-end models.

Qingdao, Shandong
Jining, Shandong
Changchun, Jilin

Up to now, nearly a hundred companies have purchased the 10,000-watt model of XT LASER. With the super advantages of “stable equipment + stable and efficient cutting + one-time molding” and excellent intelligent human-computer interaction performance, XT LASER 10,000-watt equipment from Multi-dimensionally empowers products with intelligence, empowerment, and value, helping cooperative enterprises to achieve product optimization and upgrading, and increase production capacity and output value.

Activate the product track

Rapid iteration of products and a sound product structure are the core of enterprise growth, and there is no shortcut that can be copied on this road.

For enterprises, the premise of anchoring customer needs is to achieve “cell-level” resource allocation and information integration. In the digital age, it is not difficult to achieve this, but it also tests the patience and resilience of enterprises.

In the past three years, XT LASER’s investment in product research and development has continued to increase to meet the diverse product needs of customers. For this reason, XT LASER has successfully developed a number of unique technologies with international advanced level, and based on this, it has derived a rich product matrix. The existing laser series products: laser plate cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, laser plate Tube integrated cutting machine, glass cutting machine, automatic loading and unloading system, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine and laser automatic production, etc.

Among them, XT LASER takes the GP series 10,000-watt high-power laser cutting machine as its fist product, and has successfully won a large share in the global market.

Technical inventory of GP 10,000-watt high-power laser cutting machine:

Cyclonic semi-hollow bed

Advantages: The heating area is small, which avoids deformation of the bed due to long-term high temperature, and provides a strong guarantee for customers to achieve stable batch cutting for a long time.

Aluminum beam

Advantages: Gantry structure, high-strength aluminum beam, good dynamic performance, strong deformation resistance, light weight, high strength, high speed, high precision, long-term stable operation, and improved work efficiency.

The aerospace aluminum beam formed based on the rigid-flexible coupling analysis is simulated under the actual working conditions, and simultaneously bears multi-source loads from the acceleration of the beam itself and the torque of the motor. The rational layout design has high strength and stability, ensuring long-term high speed cutting.

3. The world’s leading man-machine control system

Advantages: rich human-computer interaction interface, simple and easy operation, humanized, convenient and easy-to-learn control system.

4. Dust removal system

Advantages: Dust removal system based on air fluid analysis, equipped with high-power fan, up-pressure and down-suction inside the cutting area, discharge up to standard, and create a clean operating environment.

5.Fully sealed outsourcing

Advantages: Fully enclosed laser protection glass design to prevent laser damage, positive pressure protection, partition ventilation on the left and right sides of the bed, master butterfly valve control, stronger suction, and smoother smoke exhaust.

6.Double motor exchange table

Advantages: stable and fast exchange, precise positioning and locking, efficient and time-saving, safe production.

7. High power dedicated intelligent cutting head

Advantages: Brand motors, reducers, guide rails, racks, better quality, higher stability, ensuring long-term stable cutting performance of the machine.

8. Dedicated high-power cutting gas circuit

Advantages: Precise control of air flow, better cutting process, and greatly improved production and processing efficiency.

The goal of the Made in China 2025 layout is for enterprises to keep their original aspirations and persevere on the road of independent innovation. We believe that a national brand such as XT LASER will persevere and leave a place in the “Hall of Fame”.

Layout the global market

Today, the business model of the enterprise is changing, gradually changing from the main line of offline to the parallel of two main lines of online and offline, completely getting rid of the predicament of being restrained at the beginning. On the global strategic map of XT LASER, there are very representative Xintian banners all over the place.

XT LASER sales network covers all provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the central government, and exports to more than 160 countries and regions such as India, Russia, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. The perfect service system has won the trust and support of global customers.

As of November, XT LASER has exhibited at Russia International Machine Tool Exhibition, Mexico Metalworking Exhibition FABTECH, Korea International Machine Tool Exhibition SIMTOS, the 6th Pakistan Industrial Exhibition, Czech Brno International Machinery Industry Exhibition, Germany Hannover Metalworking Exhibition, etc. Brand output has been achieved in several international industrial exhibitions. XT LASER has attracted extensive attention from overseas customers through cutting-edge technology and perfect service system.

XT LASER always takes customers as the center, and constantly promotes the construction of laser industry service function areas and service platforms. While improving product performance, continuously improve user experience and improve user services.

Times change is a litmus test. Today’s market conducts an “open-book examination” for each enterprise, which is intended to test the background and quality of the enterprise, especially in the unstable stage of the enterprise’s stage description of strategic goals, decomposition steps, organizational support, and operation control. To get to the bottom of it, make a test that hits the root. Strategic planning is the choice, and focused execution is the key. The market will always give the richest rewards to those who actively respond, just like XT LASER constantly strengthens itself, breaks through the cocoon of adversity, stretches its wings, and soars into the new sky.

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