Boundless service on the road – XT Laser brand’s global tour is underway!


In order to better extend service tentacles and integrate service concepts into brand creation, the 2023 “Zero Concerns – XT Laser Global Service Line” activity was fully launched. Starting from February 26th, the XT Laser service team has traveled to multiple countries in Asia and Europe, visiting over 20 customers. The event will continue for 6 months, continuously visiting customers from nearly 20 countries.

Not afraid of extreme cold and heat, not afraid of trekking through mountains and rivers, always committed to solving the problems encountered by customers in use, eliminating customer doubts, and soliciting customer opinions, so that customers can truly benefit from service. Through practical actions, we demonstrate the sense of responsibility and spirit of XT Laser Enterprise, and spread the positive energy of the brand. Our goal is to always be prepared and relieve customers of their worries

Russkaya Station | Breaking through the thorns to fight the first line, interpreting the spirit of the new sky

This is a demonstration service station for XT Laser. In the early morning, following the first glimmer of sunshine before dawn, engineer Guo Shifu took a car from the service station to the customer factory in Russia. After a two-hour journey, Guo finally arrived at the destination of his trip – Cheboksaray. The temperature in Cheboksaray in February was still relatively low, and the first thing Guo did when he came to the factory was to inquire about the operation of the machines. According to the customer’s description, maintenance and upgrading work on the machine has begun, as the equipment has a high level of refinement, requiring a relatively long inspection cycle. This is a microcosm of XT engineers and also interprets XT’s business philosophy of “customer-centric, service-oriented”.

Malaysia | Taking advantage of the trend of chasing stars and the moon, interpreting the new sky service

At 6 am in the morning, L ü Gong started the customer visit work for this service line in New Shan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After brief communication with the on-site staff, Mr. Lv began the maintenance and repair of the laser cutting machine. The customer’s machine is an open exchange laser cutting machine purchased in 2017. In the past 6 years, the cutting machine has achieved “zero failure” batch processing, greatly improving production efficiency for the customer. In the communication, the customer praised the quality and performance of the machine greatly.

Industry Model | XT Laser Global Service Line Has Been Highly praised

XT Laser launched a global service event with the theme of “0 Concerns” in 2018 and has gradually become a benchmark activity in the laser industry’s after-sales service category. At the beginning of its implementation, it triggered strong reactions in the industry and the vast user group. In the following years, XT Laser continuously improved customer service standards, increased global service outlets, provided free maintenance services for customers, carefully trained terminal engineers, and created value for the brand.       

XT Laser is a professional provider of laser industrial application solutions that integrates research and development, production, and sales. At present, more than 40 service outlets have been established globally. After 19 years of hard work, in May 2023, XT Laser will depart for the second time in South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Poland, Australia and other regions to provide local customers with localized on-site services. XT Laser has always adhered to responsibility and responsibility, never changing its original intention, and forging ahead! In the future, we will continue to use honor as an opportunity and motivation to continuously provide better products and high-quality services to customers at home and abroad.

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