Bending wood without living hinges


I’m always looking for new laser cutting techniques and this one is a great alternative to living hinge designs. It doesn’t replace a living hinge but could be used in some specific projects. Either way this technique is fantastic!

Basically instead of cutting all the way through the material you just score it. In the video you can see they added scoring lines to the petal shape and used the contour to make a spine. The scored lines make the material flexible enough to bend around the spine.

Once cut you glue the spine to the laser scored material. Make sure not to cut all the way through the wood! You will have to play with the settings for your specific laser cutter.

The finished project hides the hinges/scored lines. I really like the benefit of it only being one sided! Very clean unlike living hinges. 

Great project and laser technique from Excited Atom Design on YouTube. Make sure to leave them a like and subscribe to the channel. Here’s the links!

Illustrator Tutorial – How to Bend Laser Cut Material without using a living hinge.

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