Application characteristics and advantages of ceramic laser cutting machine


XT Laser-precision laser cutting machine
The ceramic laser cutting machine is a high-precision optical fiber cutting machine specially used for cutting ceramic chips less than 3mm. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, small heat affected zone, beautiful and firm cutting seam, and low operating cost. It breaks the traditional processing method, and is especially suitable for cutting ceramic chips and ceramic substrate. Suggestion:

Ceramic has special mechanical, optical, acoustic, electrical, magnetic, thermal and other characteristics. It is a functional material with high hardness, high rigidity, high strength, non-plasticity, high thermal stability and high chemical stability, and is also a good insulator. In particular, electronic ceramic materials with new functions can be obtained through precise control of surface, grain boundary and size structure by taking advantage of electrical and magnetic properties, which has great application value in the field of digital information products such as computers, digital audio and video equipment and communication equipment. However, in these fields, the processing requirements and difficulties of ceramic materials are also higher and higher. In this trend, the laser cutting machine technology gradually replaces the traditional CNC machining, and achieves the requirements of high precision, good processing effect and fast speed in the application of ceramic cutting, scribing and drilling.
Among them, electronic ceramics, which are widely used in heat dissipation patches of circuit boards, high-end electronic substrates, electronic functional components, etc., are also used in mobile phone fingerprint identification technology, and have become a trend in smart phones today. In addition to the fingerprint recognition technology of sapphire base and glass base, the fingerprint recognition technology of ceramic base and the other two present a tripartite situation, whether it is the top Apple phone or the domestic smart phone in the 100-yuan market. The cutting technology of electronic ceramic substrate must be processed by laser cutting. Ultraviolet laser cutting technology is generally used, while QCW infrared laser cutting technology is used for thicker electronic ceramic chips, such as the ceramic back plate of mobile phones that is popular in some mobile phone markets.
Generally speaking, the thickness of laser processing ceramic materials is generally less than 3mm, which is also the conventional thickness of ceramics (thicker ceramic materials, CNC processing speed and effect are due to laser processing). Laser cutting and laser drilling are the main processing processes.
Laser cutting Laser cutting machine is non-contact processing of ceramics, which will not produce stress, small laser spot and high cutting accuracy. In the process of CNC machining, the machining speed must be reduced to ensure the accuracy. At present, the equipment capable of cutting ceramics in the laser cutting market includes ultraviolet laser cutting machine, adjustable pulse width infrared laser cutting machine, picosecond laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine.
Ceramic laser cutting machine is a high-precision laser cutting machine with the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, small heat affected zone, beautiful and firm cutting seam, and low operating cost. It is an advanced flexible processing tool necessary for processing high-quality products.
Features of ceramic laser cutting machine
High power laser is configured to cut and drill ceramic substrate or thin metal sheet with thickness less than 2mm. Fiber laser with high beam quality and high electro-optical conversion efficiency ensures the reliability and stability of cutting quality.
High-precision motion platform: the machine base is made of granite, and the motion part is made of beam structure, with high accuracy and good stability. Adopt high-precision and high-rigidity special guide rail, high-acceleration linear motor, high-precision encoder position feedback, and solve the problems of traditional servo motor plus ball screw structure, such as lack of rigidity, empty return and dead zone;
Automatic compensation and blowing cooling function for dynamic focusing of Z axis of laser cutting head.
Professional cutting software is adopted, and the laser energy can be adjusted and controlled in the software.
The laser type can be pulse, continuous or QCW.

The use of ceramics is of epoch-making significance. For the processing of ceramics, laser technology is an epoch-making tool introduction. It can be said that the two have formed a trend of mutual promotion and development

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