5 Skincare Trends That Can Pose Serious Risks


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Buying cosmetic injectables online

Using a waist trainer to have a snatched waist

Using antiperspirant deodorant as a makeup primer

Using glue to remove blackheads

SPF or sunscreen contouring

There is no shortage of skincare hacks online with new trends that seem to pop up almost every week. While some are really helpful, many are also questionable and a waste of money. Others, meanwhile, are downright dangerous and can pose serious risks. 

Hard Pass 5 Skincare Trends That Are Actually Harmful

Continue reading as our aesthetic clinic in Singapore shares five skincare trends that you should say “hard pass” to. 

Online shopping has made almost anything available to us with just a few clicks. This is true even for medical products or devices that should only be administered by trained and skilled professionals. Botulinum toxin and similar products can now be bought online and shipped right to your home.

This sounds tempting, as you could potentially save more than going to a medical practitioner. The reality, however, is this is never a good idea. You don’t know what you’re actually injecting and you don’t have the skills, training, and experience to inject any product onto your face.

What to do instead: These DIY injectable kits are never a cheaper alternative to cosmetic treatments. If you’re worried about lines and wrinkles, it is better to invest in quality skincare or save a little more for botulinum toxin Singapore treatments and similar procedures. Never skimp on aesthetic treatments, as you’ll probably need a whole lot more to correct a botched DIY work. 

As its name suggests, a waist trainer is a product intended to train your waist to become slimmer or smaller over time. It needs to be worn for an extended period of time to squeeze your stomach and achieve an hourglass shape. The issue, however, is this has potential risks (especially when worn for a long time), including: 

  • Digestive or gastrointestinal issues (gas and bloating; worsening or heartburn or acid reflux)
  • Skin problems (due to tightness and materials used in waist trainers)
  • Weakening of internal organs (because of continuous compression)

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What to consider instead: If you have flabby areas around your stomach, losing weight through diet and exercise can help. You can also consider non-invasive body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting Elite in Singapore. This targets and freezes fat cells to the point of natural elimination, which then reduces fat layer thickness and slims your figure. 

We also have ZField Dual, which is a non-invasive body shaping procedure for achieving more defined visible muscles. It stimulates involuntary muscle contractions in the area of concern to strengthen the muscle fibers. ZField Dual can help you burn fat and build muscles, as well as non-invasively lift and firm the buttocks. 

In an attempt to have makeup that won’t melt off in the heat, some people are recommending using antiperspirant deodorant as primer. This product, which is designed to reduce sweat in your underarms, is said to have the same effect on the face. It can mattify the face and combat both oil and sweat.

While many people have supported this trend, this is not a good idea. Aside from the fact that the skin on your face is different from your underarms, antiperspirants are intended to help stop perspiration and not oil production. It also has ingredients or fragrances that can clog your pores and contribute to acne and irritation.

What to try instead: Using fewer products or less makeup can make a difference. The same is also true for using a primer that suits your skin type. Blotting instead of powdering can also help soak up sweat without ruining your makeup. You can also use a setting spray and layer your products correctly. 

Blackheads are tricky to remove, so people have found a cheap and easy way to get rid of them: using glue (or mixing it with activated charcoal). This involves smearing glue on your skin (usually the nose), waiting for it to dry, and then peeling it off. The method is said to lift the blackheads and other blemishes.

It does make sense, but experts warn against putting any product that is not intended for your face. Even if the glue is non-toxic, it can still irritate your skin, as well as dry out and injure it. The glue may also clog your pores and harm your skin when you pull it off.

What to do instead: Choose a gentler way to do it like using over-the-counter acne medications. Charcoal face masks can also help with blackheads and acne, as they can reduce excess oil. You can also try HydraFacial or Hydra Master, which is a type of facial that involves deep cleaning, extraction, and hydration. 

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Also referred to as suntan contouring, sunscreen contouring involves applying more or less SPF to certain areas of the face in an attempt to get a contoured look without makeup. This means replacing your bronzer or highlighter with a strategic placement of sunscreen to define your cheekbones and other facial features. 

Many do it by applying sunscreen with lower SPF to the entire face or areas where you apply a bronzer and then a higher SPF on areas where you apply a highlighter or concealer on. Then you let the sun do its thing, creating artificial tan lines across the face. Areas with higher SPF are lighter and the rest are darker. 

This seems like a great hack, but the truth is there is no such thing as a safe tan. The skin tans as a way of protecting your body against UV rays, which are the same rays that cause skin damage and premature aging and contribute to higher skin cancer risk. SPF contouring only exposes your skin to hydration.

What to do instead: Stick to using makeup when contouring your face. There are also lots of contouring tutorials on the Internet that can help you create a nice contour without the risk of sun damage. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply as needed. 

Don’t fall for these trends or hacks that can put your skin at serious risks. Contact LaserChina for Medical Laser Machines in China. 

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