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Summary. At Central Scanning, we are 3D scanning specialists, offering premium Artec and ZEISS scanners tailored for diverse industries, particularly the automotive sector. From detailing vehicle damage to supporting legal matters, our advanced technology ensures unparalleled precision and authenticity in every scan.


At Central Scanning, we are proud authorised resellers and specialists of both Artec and ZEISS 3D scanners. Over the years, our team has kept on top of three-dimensional scanning advancements, ensuring that we’re providing our customers with only the most premium 3D scanners for sale.

With an array of variations available, we can meet the needs of professionals in a range of industries, including automotive and rail. This is through intricate metrology that can pick up even the finest of details such as forensic evidence to support the investigations of insurance companies.

Why use 3D scanners on vehicles?

Manufacturers rely on 3D scanners to produce replacement parts for vehicles when in body shops. They can meticulously imitate the design of the car, understanding the shape and size of the components to exact dimensions. Our 3D scanners for sale not only help produce body styling kits, but they can play an integral role in the reconstruction and investigation of vehicles that have been in an accident.

Capturing even the most complex of details, even at 1mm, our 3D scanning specialists can examine the full extent of body damage. This extremely reliable information can support inspections, analysis and documentation which support legal proceedings and court jurisdictions.

What 3D scanners do we have on offer?

We have a selection of 3D scanners suitable for vehicle analysing. See below for a closer insight into two options that we have on offer from both ZEISS and Artec.


The ZEISS T-SCAN 20 works in combination with GOM inspect suite to enhance its high dynamic range. While shiny and colourful surfaces can be difficult to scan, the T-SCAN can adhere to such complexities. Without using markers, 3D scanning specialists can study large volumes. On the other hand, when a car is in motion, the T-SCAN can continue accurately scanning its bodywork with the use of markers.

Artec Leo

The Artec Leo 3D scanner is another one of our portable 3D scanners that can capture a speed of up to 80 FPS. This is five to ten times superior to that of competing scanners, making it ideal for vehicle examination. This device sets itself apart by offering an internal computer with a touch screen, giving users a convenient way to inspect a vehicle model. This state-of-the-art technology even picks up areas you have missed even in the most challenging of environments.

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Central Scanning 3D Scanning Specialists

By offering a 3D scanning service in the UK for over ten years, we have established ourselves as experts in our field. Focusing solely on distinguished brands, the science of measurement holds optimum effectiveness. Our menu of 3D scanners for sale spans a number of devices that vary in range and data analysis. If you’re unsure on which option is best suited to your needs, we can undergo demonstrations to give you a better understanding.

Through demonstrations, we can showcase the full potential of our 3D scanners, proving that this new-age technology can transform the automotive industry and beyond. For further information on our 3D scanners and how they can develop your processes, get in touch with our team today at 01527 558 282.

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