14 Materials You Can Engrave with Fiber Laser Marking Machine


ยท Number #5: Titanium

Titanium is often used in harsh environments, making the need for a high-quality and permanent laser marking machine paramount. Aside from that, titanium is applicable in different industries, and the chosen marking machine must deliver compatible markings. For example, in the medical industry, titanium is applicable as a surgical implant. As a result, markings must be sterile and durable. Another example is the aerospace industry which ensures that the parts do not suffer from fractures.

Fiber laser marking can produce permanent marking suitable for any titanium parts. Furthermore, like any laser marking technique, markings are sterile and, with controlled laser power, can not lead to structural damage.

HS-FL-30 | Fiber Laser engraving Machine | HeatSign - fiber laser engraver

Aside from engraving, other laser techniques you can use for marking titanium is annealing and ablation, depending on the application, proposed longevity, and condition of use. For example, the aerospace industry favors annealing because it limits structural damage.

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